We are inspired by the pearl of Doha for the exciting new collection. Specially designed and manufactured by our experienced craftsmen for our discerning customers. Add magic to your steps with these special details in a combination of delicate earth tones and leather. These pieces, which will become your most important accessories, are a special touch for light walks with elegant, timeless and luxurious designs. Here is our unique collection that will complement your outfit in men's fashion.


Every pair of sandals is produced by respecting the techniques of traditional craftsmanship. With each piece individually treated to give the product its durability, unique appearance, and innate Elegance An extremely lightweight and comfortable design made of premium soft leathers with a rubber sole.

The anatomic insole perfectly supports your foot, providing extreme comfort.


Air Relax offers you a light walking experience with the perfect combination of comfort and style. It is an ideal choice for your daily life. It provides comfortable movement thanks to its ultra light sole in double density technology and anti-slip feature. First quality and soft leathers witt all-over padding provide ultra comfort throughout the day.

Wide fitting design has been made considering the foot anatomy so it does not press on foot dies and toes.


The dress Collection gives you a vip look with the most stylish and highest quality materials that any accessory can have, while also providing your comfort. Always breathable and natural with its genuine leather sole with its antislip feature, it offers you a safe walk as well as elegance.

Our special Dress collection, which brings together privileged designs with its users, gives an extra stylish look with special color combinations.


Mobil Comfort has unique comfort features with its unique foot-bed technology. remevoble insole design can be removed at any time.

It helps you to have a healthy foot climate with its memory cushion technology to protect especially pain-sensitive feet from the harsh effects of daily walks. It makes you feel full of energy even after hours of use.

Removable PU foot-bed with memory cushion covered by real suede leather provides sweat-absorbing, breathable and skin friendly that can be customized or replaced with your own custom orthotic. Soft and longevity upper leather with all-over padding has all the comfort and the adjustable fastener straps ensure a perfect fit.


The soft massage nubs ensure more than just a massage of the sole of the foot: exactly adjusted to the reflex zones of the foot, they communicate with the whole human body, and so ensure wellbeing and comfort.

The absorption of every step gives the foot as a whole a good feeling, just as much as the anatomical adjustment of the sole.

Flexible PU outsole with ergonomic design and shock-absorbing features. Distrubutes the weight of your body evenly across your feet and minimizes tiredness for a long time standing and walking.

We use first class natural real leathers for upper. They are soft, durable, breathable, skin friendly and look noble.


REAL Natura manufactured considering all the details necessary for the foot health with high quality and natural materials. Comfort and foot health is targeted perfectly to the anatomy of the foot and ergonomic form. It has been designed according to he natural footprint of a healty foot in sand. Insoles provide a natural fit to the feet and this natural fit does not exist in any other footwear.

The weight of body non-condensing specific points trough insoles form with EWD (Even Weight Distribution) System. Footbed distributes the weight of your body evenly across your feet. Minimizes tiredness for a long time standing and walking.