In order to produce more useful products without sacrificing quality and durability; We manufacture our hand made products in our own factory in order to reach you with our high production capacity and our professional staff.

One of the important features of Real Footwear being a world-class brand is that it produces its collections in its own factory with high quality standards with hand labor and meticulously. We wanted to prove that elegance, modernism and the art of elegant dressing can be together with our brands that open to the whole world. We have adopted a distinctive appearance with functional details, simple but high quality design on our products that are meticulously produced in each of our brands.

All materials used for the product have been subjected to all necessary tests by internationally accredited test laboratories to show that they do not contain chemicals harmful to human health.

We use only genuine leather for our products of tanneries that have proven themselves in their field.

Our designs are collected by the modelists, studies are done on them, the final processes are completed with discussions and small touches and collections begin to form. These special collections are delivered to our valued customers.

What makes a high-quality REAL Footwear?

Brand Tradition Since 1954.

Since the day when the first REAL Footwear was manufactured, quality has always been the focus of our attention. We are also commited to maintaining this standart.

The Special Manufacturing.

REAL Footwears are only manufactured from high quality and selected genuine leathers. Careful workmanship plays a crucial role in this process. Here, the expertise gained from traditional craftmanship flows into state of the art manufacturing techniques.

The Classically Elegant Design.

Accurate workmansip is combined with passion and love for detail. This not only assures a first class fit, but also a distinctively beautiful design with elegant details.

The Detailed Insprection.

From the beginning, every REAL Footwear is subject to complex quality testing. From the selection of materials through manufacturing and final inspection to detailed checks by independent institutions.

Environmentally Conscious Production

With the awareness of sustainable living responsibility, Real Footwear aims to protect natural resources by making technological improvements in environmentally friendly production and efficiency, and to reduce the use of raw materials and energy.

Real Footwear undertakes to organize its production processes in accordance with the requirements of the environmental management system and to comply with these requirements.