REAL FOOTWEAR, an intrinsically Turkish brand that produces handmade sandals exclusively for Arabic countries since 1954. One of the important features of REAL FOOTWEAR being a world-class brand is that it produces its collections in its own factory with high quality standards by hand and meticulously.

In order to offer you the quality of REAL FOOTWEAR, we follow the developments in the our sector and renew ourselves every day. We created the REAL FOOTWEAR line by combining production technology with the ever-changing fashion trend.

REAL FOOTWEAR combines its experience of more than half a century with finest materials and meticulous workmanship and offers its products with original design, to the taste of its elite customers in Arabic countries.

With our expert team, we continue our activities in order to reveal designs that are suitable for foot health and that can make users feel comfortable and unique. We are proud to present our wide range of products to our valued customers with our original, comfortable and stylish styles.

Our future mission is to serve as a brand with high design power by continuing the long-term story of success and quality. It is our greatest pleasure to work to offer you the most special designs.

Exclusive and handmade designs are specially produced for you to always look stylish.



Our Mission; is to be an exemplary brand worldwide by revealing a corporate culture that lives up to the values accepted in all areas of life together with the achievements to be shown in the field of fashion.


Our Vision; to prioritize customer satisfaction and not compromise on service quality. Our primary goal is to provide service, knowledge and experience to the customer without hesitation, to be in dialogue with the customers, to consider the ideas of the customer and our company as a whole and to produce the right solutions.

Özarpa Shoes Company, which also includes the REAL FOOTWEAR brand. As among the important manufacturers of the country with its 10 registered brands particularly real Natura and Real Comfort. It's also carries out private label production by developing special collections for its customers at international level. It crowned its success in production and export with the award received from the exporters associations by taking its place among the companies that export the sector the most in the leather goods.

What makes a high-quality REAL Footwear?

Brand Tradition Since 1954.

Since the day when the first REAL Footwear was manufactured, quality has always been the focus of our attention. We are also commited to maintaining this standart.

The Special Manufacturing.

REAL Footwears are only manufactured from high quality and selected genuine leathers. Careful workmanship plays a crucial role in this process. Here, the expertise gained from traditional craftmanship flows into state of the art manufacturing techniques.

The Classically Elegant Design.

Accurate workmansip is combined with passion and love for detail. This not only assures a first class fit, but also a distinctively beautiful design with elegant details.

The Detailed Insprection.

From the beginning, every REAL Footwear is subject to complex quality testing. From the selection of materials through manufacturing and final inspection to detailed checks by independent institutions.